Off Season

GLADSTONE HOTEL 2011, Loop Gallery 2010 

Drawing, Photography and Video

My grandmother turned 100 this past February. For more than 40 years, she made her way south during the winter, to stay in Panama City Beach, Florida. She is force within our family, strong and independent with a flair for fashion. Her last pair of glasses, worn for more than a decade, were bedazzled with pink cubic zirconias. She recently gave me some of her dresses from the 60’s, signed Mr. Dino. During the 80’s, many of her friends met annually in Panama City Beach to play bridge, golf, swim, attend dances in the club house, walk on the beach and shop. As the years recede, most of her friends have died. This project was made when she was 95. The 3 channel silent video was shot on her balcony in Panama City overlooking the beach. The installation was presented at Loop Gallery and at The Gladstone Hotel as part of Toronto's alternative art fair.