Based on a True Story 

The Wassaic Project 2014, Arprim Gallery 2015


Woodcut, Intaglio, Sculpture, Photography and Video

A part of the 2014 summer exhibition Seeing the Sky at The Wassaic Project, Based on a True Story is about storm chasing, tracking weather and chasing clouds. Made in collaboration with Terry O’Neil, the immersive installation looks at the supercell–the severe weather cloud that produces anomalies such as baseball-sized hail, wedge-shaped tornadoes and flash floods. Our project has the sensibility of a maximalist, combining film, sound, drawing, meteorological equipment and ephemera. There’s even a wind machine and a series of banners that advise viewers to “Know Which Way the Wind Blows” and to “Weather the Storm”. The short film was nominated for Best Emerging Director at the 2014 Golden Sheaf Awards.

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Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their support via an exhibition assistance grant.