God love brigus

Loop Gallery, 2015


MEtal, Wood, Textiles, Screenprinting, woodcut, ceramics, collage, mirror, drawing, and photography.

In the summer of 2014, I participated in a residency at Landfall Trust in Brigus, Newfoundland (http://www.landfalltrust.org/). During my 3-week stay, I researched the history of the area and took note of the weather. I watched an iceberg slowly dissolve in the bay, learned about Captain Bob Bartlett, who was an arctic explorer that once brought a polar bear home to Brigus and met Ray, the caretaker of Landfall, who told me a story about his grandfather – a whaler that lost his life in an explosion at sea. Made in collaboration with Terry O’Neill, God Love Brigus compiles these experiences into a floating raft that mixes sculpture, print, sound and video.